You can blame it on the advertisers, or massive shopping directives by retaliers and marketing magnates, parades with balloons in New York, television, an artistic rendition of a more robust Saint Nicholas now named
Proclamations of Thanksgiving

It's NOT Turkey Day

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BUT in reality if you call it Turkey Day
Or if you take a bite of your meal (be it vegetarian or poultry)
 with no further thought ......

Maybe after looking at these proclamations you will start to say:

 It is a Day of Thanksgiving
Scriptures: giving thanks
Santa, or the onset of cooking show or reading material, or the absence of prayer in schools, or the rewriting of history, or the disadvantage of the treaty makers over the indiginous signers or this or that.
Proclamations of Thanksgiving

STOP! When did the turkey become our national bird?

STOP! When? Who? Replaced thankfulness on this day with consumerism?
Additional information at
The White House website
Presidency Project copy with signaure
95 years ago we tried to export American Thanksgiving Day
Retailers making a statement about Thanksgiving
Are you
Part of the Problem?
Franksgiving - Gray Thursday history repeats itself.
NerdWallet graphic: Thanksgiving
 by the hour
1994 vs 2014